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He gives us some objects so that we can place them on tables next to both of them. Those objects are related to the opposing Order, so they will suspect each other. Once he’s finished listening to his plan, if we tell him we won’t do it, he’ll turn hostile. If we accept and ask to use the radio as a reward, he will get angry by denying us the use of it, but his mission will continue.

– McDade: We will place the armor that Malediction has given us on the table next to McDade. It will turn hostile and we will kill it.

+ With Besa Culos 10 we can tell you that we have to tell you a secret on the roof. When he comes up we have only to kill him. Then we go downstairs and place the glasses on the table.

+ If we place the glasses directly on the table, Jones and all the Paladins present there will become hostile. We kill them and that’s it.

We go back to Malediction and tell him that we have completed the task. It betrays us and makes the whole Church hostile.

* Look for incriminating evidence against Malediction: Important information is given to us by Maggie, the Sister who is in the hut at the Bastion. She tells us about Fealty Mayweather’s former husband, Simms, who died. After that, Malediction threw himself on Fealty until he married her. She tells us that she is a good woman, but very mistreated.

If we give it to her, she will get drunk and will drop her tongue telling us about all the corruption in the Church, and with Malediction. She will also tell us how she herself killed Simms and gouged out an eye. She has it on a display case in that courtyard and laughs every time Fealty passes by without knowing that it is her husband’s eye.

If we try to steal it in front of them, they will turn hostile. We must go outside and catch him through the broken wood of the fence.

After getting the -Eye of Simms- we go to see Fealty and after showing it to him he gives us the incriminating evidence against Malediction.

* Supporting Retribution Jones: When we get the incriminating evidence against Malediction, a cutscene will skip where he and Malediction fight and Jones wins. We talk to him and he gives us 2,500 scrap. We looted Malediction’s body and got the key to the door leading to the radio.

When we return to Hollywood we will see the change it has undergone, and that is that all the stores are closed and there is no npc of those who used to live in Hollywood.

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